Hologram Birding Tours

Birding should be fun!

Hologram Birding Tours, named after a song by one of our favorite groups - the Austin Lounge Lizards - came into being a number of years ago when some friends from the old Compuserve Birding Forum asked friend Jim and I to lead them around the Rio Grande Valley to find some cool birds.  After a few trips to Texas (Ralph T. Waterman Bird Club of Dutchess County, New York in 2000) and Arizona, the tour business kind of fell by the wayside until we were approached to help the Iowa Ornithologists' Union trip committee.  In August 2006, HBT was revived for a ten day trip to Southeast Arizona where we served as volunteer leaders.  In April 2007 we led another IOU trip to South Texas.  This was followed in October 2009 with an IOU trip to central California including two pelagics from Monterey.  Due to various age-related ailments these days, HBT is no longer leading tours but we are happy to help visiting birders plan an itinerary.  See our trip reports to get some ideas of where we've gone and what we've done.

Jim Bangma is a life-long resident of the state of New Jersey. He has led tours in North America for New Jersey Audubon and has traveled extensively worldwide as both a tour participant and leader. His knowledge of birds and habitats allow him to produce species almost magically. Jim not only possesses top-notch identification skills but he has the ability to teach those skills to others with a non-stop sense of humor.

Ann Johnson grew up birding the Midwest and is the Secretary of the Iowa Rare Birds Records Committee. Her combined interests in travel and birding have generated a wealth of knowledge of the birds of North America. She has been a tour leader in both the United States and Mexico and has developed personalized itineraries for foreign friends wanting to maximize their birding experiences in this country.