Website Development

My Portfolio

For nearly 20 years I have dabbled in website development, primarily as the volunteer webmaster for the Iowa Ornithologists' Union.  Over time I received the occasional inquiry from other organizations and in 2009 formed AJEndeavors, LLC.  My small business targets non-profit organizations in need of a web presence.  Most use a database for information storage and all are designed with simplicity in mind.  The intent is to create an organizational tool that can be easily managed by the members.

Many of my sites are very data intensive.  The Iowa and Missouri birding sites collect data on rare birds while Iowa also collects seasonal sightings and Important Bird Area data.  The IOU partners with the Iowa Audubon site in sharing this data for various reports.  Breeding Bird Atlas projects in Iowa and Evergreen, Colorado are totally web based as are odonata sites for Iowa and Arizona.

Textual content is maintained using a simple text editor and updating external files.  This simplicity turns anyone who can use a word processing program into a webmaster.  Check out more details on my business site.